Prof. dr. Roel Vermeulen

Roel Vermeulen is a Professor of Environmental Epidemiology and Exposome Science at Utrecht University. His scientific research focuses on environmental risk factors for non-communicable diseases with a strong emphasis on integrating epidemiology, high quality exposure assessment, and molecular biology into multidisciplinary investigations. Vermeulen is the scientific director of Exposome-NL, PI of several large case-control and prospective occupational and general population studies and together with Jelle Vlaanderen the Project Coordinator of EXPANSE, a European research project that focuses on the urban exposome.

Together with Jelle Vlaanderen and Robert Vorstenbosch, Roel Vermeulen leads the Computational and Database core.

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The unique and large-scale open facility Exposome-Scan gives researchers from all over the Netherlands the opportunity to study the exposome. Anyone who submits a good research request will have access to the research facility and will be able to conduct research at Exposome-Scan at cost price. The facility in Leiden opens on 15 February 2024 and builds on the knowledge gained in the Exposome-NL and X-omics research programmes.

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