Dr. Esther Zaal

Dr. Esther Zaal is a post-doc in the Metabolomics group of prof. dr. Celia Berkers in the Division Cell Biology, Metabolism & Cancer within the faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University. Her research is focused on elucidating the role of metabolism in cancer drug resistance.

She is currently also running the Utrecht Metabolism Expertise Centre, where her extensive experience in mass spectrometry based metabolomics and fluxomics is applied in various projects.

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The unique and large-scale open facility Exposome-Scan gives researchers from all over the Netherlands the opportunity to study the exposome. Anyone who submits a good research request will have access to the research facility and will be able to conduct research at Exposome-Scan at cost price. The facility in Leiden opens on 15 February 2024 and builds on the knowledge gained in the Exposome-NL and X-omics research programmes.

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