About us

Exposome-Scan is a strategic collaboration between Leiden University (LACDR) and Utrecht University (IRAS) to advance exposome research by offering state-of-the art or even beyond state-of-the-art services to academic, clinical and industrial researchers. 

The overall aims of Exposome‐Scan are:

  • To establish an exposome research facility in the Netherlands for untargeted exposome profiling.
  • To enable the exploration and investigation of the impact of the exposome on the Dutch population during individual’s life course in existing and future studies (Life Exposome Scan).
  • To enable the validation of causalities, identification of underlying mechanisms and exploration of interventions in translational in vitro models (Live Exposome Scan).
  • To yield novel insights that support intervention and prevention strategies extending the healthy lifespan of the Dutch population.

Exposome-Scan is lead by a core team:



The unique and large-scale open facility Exposome-Scan gives researchers from all over the Netherlands the opportunity to study the exposome. Anyone who submits a good research request will have access to the research facility and will be able to conduct research at Exposome-Scan at cost price. The facility in Leiden opens on 15 February 2024 and builds on the knowledge gained in the Exposome-NL and X-omics research programmes.

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