Zhendong Yuan

Zhendong is an exposome-nl PhD candidate specializing in the field of mapping external exposome factors at fine spatiotemporal resolution. In particular, he applies machine learning (ML) and GIS methods to investigate the complex interaction between human activities and the surrounding geographic context in urban areas. He is also interested in topics related to global health risk assessment, remote sensing for humanitarian aid, and adapting ML algorithms in spatial Big Data processing.

Zhendong Yuan

Contact information


Utrecht University

Institute for Risk Assesment Sciences (IRAS)

Yalelaan 2, 3584 CM Utrecht

Areas of Expertise

Big Data Computational modelling Environmental Epidemiology Exposome Geoinformatics

Decoding the exposome

Decoding the exposome

Exposome-NL is a Dutch consortium of over fifty scientists from different disciplines, universities and medical centres. Together the scientists will systematically sequence the environmental factors influencing our health.

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