Haykanush Ohanyan

During her professional training Haykanush obtained a BSc in General Medicine in Yerevan State Medical University of Armenia, and a MSc in Methodology and Biostatistics for Biomedical Sciences in University Paris-Saclay, France. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the department of Epidemiology and Data Science at Amsterdam UMC and Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences at University of Utrecht. The main focus of her thesis is related to adapted machine learning approaches to study relationship between the factors of general external exposome and cardiometabolic diseases.


Associations between the urban exposome and type 2 diabetes: Results from penalised regression by least absolute shrinkage and selection operator and random forest models

H. Ohanyan, L. Portengen, O. Kaplani, A. Huss, G. Hoek, J.W.J. Beulens, J. Lakerveld, R. Vermeulen
Environment International (170), December 2022

Machine learning approaches to characterize the obesogenic urban exposome

Haykanush Ohanyan, Lützen Portengren, Anke Huss, Eugenio Traini, Joline W.J. Beulens, Gerard Hoek, Jeroen Lakerveld, Roel Vermeulen
Environment International (158), Jan 2022

Haykanush Ohanyan

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Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc/
Utrecht University

Department of Epidemiology and Data Science/
Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Decoding the exposome

Decoding the exposome

Exposome-NL is a Dutch consortium of over fifty scientists from different disciplines, universities and medical centres. Together the scientists will systematically sequence the environmental factors influencing our health.

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