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04/03/23 NOS Stories: 80 percent of all the food found in the supermarket is unhealthy

4 March 2023

Overweight and diabetes have become serious health problems in the last 40 years. Several factors contribute to this, including your genes, but also your living environment. For example, 80 percent of all the food found in the supermarket is unhealthy, which will contribute to the development of overweight. Joreintje Mackenbach is researcher in the Supreme Nudge project, which aims to make supermarket environments healthier. In an interview with NOS Stories, a Dutch news channel, Mackenbach talks about the importance of this.*

*Interview in Dutch

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Decoding the exposome

Decoding the exposome

The environment we live in has a dominant impact on our health. It explains an estimated seventy percent of the chronic disease burden. Where we live, what we eat, how much we exercise, the air we breathe and whom we associate with; all of these environmental factors play a role. The combination of these factors over the life course is called the exposome. There is general (scientific) consensus that understanding more about the exposome will help explain the current burden of disease and that it provides entry points for prevention and ...

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