Summer School 'Create the healthiest city in the Netherlands'

26 Aug 2020 09.00 - 28 Aug 2020 17.00Provincies Utrecht & Gelderland

The provinces of Utrecht and Gelderland are fully committed to a healthy living environment with the 'Snuffelfiets' project. The challenge they face is to shape the living environment in such a way that it actually invites the inhabitants to behave in a healthy way. This requires innovative solutions and a different way of looking at the organisation of the regions. During the Summer School of the Kennislab voor Urbanisme you will cycle with the 'Snuffelfiets' and use data from sensors to find out how Utrecht and Gelderland can become the healthiest provinces of the Netherlands.

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Our ultimate goal is that people live healthily for longer

Our ultimate goal is that people live healthily for longer

We know far less about the exposome than we do about the human genome. So far, we only understand about half of the disease burden for which we know the environment plays a role. If we want to prevent people from becoming ill, then we need to understand the other half too. We therefore want to systematically analyse the exposome for the first time. We will start with research into the causes of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. The techniques and insights from this research will also be applicable to other chronic conditions.

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