Preventive Heatlh Conference: Accelerating cooperation to stop overweight and obesity

23 Nov 2022 | 09.00 - 17.00Jaarbeurs Utrecht

It’s is one of the world’s major public health problems: the obesity pandemic. We can only stop it by working on prevention in several places at the same time: at school, at work, in the neighbourhood and in health care. Therefore, experts from different disciplines need to work together. But how?

On 23 November 2022 the Institute for Preventive Health (i4PH) of the alliance TU/e, WUR, UU, UMC Utrecht will organize the conference ‘Accelerating cooperation to stop overweight and obesity’. Experts, from scientists to practitioners, will share their vision on the biggest challenges in preventing overweight and obesity AND work out solutions together. i4PH will reward the teams with the best ideas with seed money for further research. In return, the teams will share the insights from their project so we can all benefit from it.

Will you join us in finding effective solutions? All professionals and those interested in preventing obesity and overweight are more than welcome. We hope to see you on November 23 in the Jaarbeurs!

Why join?

During this conference you will:

  • hear all about the biggest challenges in schools, neighbourhoods, work, and healthcare,
  • get to work on solutions to the biggest challenges,
  • get a chance to win seed funding from i4PH for research projects,
  • meet various experts, from scientists to practitioners (all stakeholders are represented).

Practical information

Date: 23 November 2022, from 9 AM to 5 PM
Location: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht
Participation is free of charge

About the Institute for preventive Health (i4PH)

Equal opportunity for a healthy life and optimal care, regardless of socio-economic status. It is possible, if we focus fully on prevention. The Institute for Preventive Health (i4PH) is putting down a solid foundation for this. From an integrated approach, we work on multidisciplinary research and innovative education at the intersection of health, lifestyle, living environment and technology.

The i4PH is part of the strategic alliance between  Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht (EWUU)., The motto of this alliance is ‘challenging future generations’. We strive to do that by putting young researchers, lecturers and students at the helm and by collaborating across the borders of the scientific disciplines. In the alliance, the four institutions combine their expertise in order to contribute to social transitions in the fields of health, food, energy and sustainability.

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