Exposome Data Challenge Event

28 Apr 2021 14.30 - 30 Apr 2021 17.00Livestream

The ISGlobal Exposome Hub, the ISGlobal Severo Ochoa Programme and the ATHLETE project are running this exposome data challenge event. The aim is to promote innovative statistical, data science, or other quantitative approaches to studying the health effects of complex high-throughput measurement of exposure indicators (exposome).

The data challenge event will bring together experts from the fields of environmental epidemiology and biostatistics from around the world including Marc Chadeau-Hyam from Imperial College, one of the LongITools Partners.

Participants will be offered the opportunity to test their statistical methods of choice on a real case scenario exposome dataset. Abstracts are also invited by 8th March 2021. The dataset will include multiple health outcomes (continuous and categorical), multiple exposures, -omics and additional non-exposure variables (e.g., potential confounders).

To find out more please visit the event website.

Decoding the exposome

Decoding the exposome

Exposome-NL is a Dutch consortium of over fifty scientists from different disciplines, universities and medical centres. Together the scientists will systematically sequence the environmental factors influencing our health.

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