Offering a state-of-the infrastructure for Exposome research

Exposome-Scan is a strategic collaboration between Leiden University/LACDR and the Institute of Risk Assessment Sciences at Utrecht University to advance exposome research by offering state-of-the art or even beyond state-of-the-art services to academic, clinical and industrial researchers.

The overall aims of Exposome‐Scan are:

  • To establish an exposome research facility in the Netherlands for untargeted exposome profiling;
  • To enable the exploration and investigation of the impact of the exposome on the Dutch population during individual’s life course in existing and future studies (Life Exposome Scan);
  • To enable the validation of causalities, identification of underlying mechanisms and exploration of interventions in translational in vitro models (Live Exposome Scan);
  • To yield novel insights that support intervention and prevention strategies extending the healthy lifespan of the Dutch population.

Core team

Exposome-Scan is lead by a core team:

Prof.dr. Thomas Hankemeier (development of analytical strategies for metabolomics-driven health monitoring and systems biology studies).
Chair of Metabolomics and Analytics Centre, Leiden University

Prof.dr. Roel Vermeulen (exposome research, risk assessment, epidemiology).
Chair of the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences. Director of the Utrecht Exposome Hub, Utrecht University

Prof.dr. Bob van de Water (safety and toxicity, in vitro models, high content imaging)
Chair of Division of Drug Discovery & Safety, Leiden University

Dr. Amy Harms (metabolomics, mass spectrometry, metabolite identification, high throughput analysis)
Head Biomedicial Metabolomics Facility Leiden, Metabolomics and Analytics Centre, Leiden University

Dr. Sylvia Le Dévédec (high content imaging, safety, in vitro models)
Head Cell Observatory, Leiden University