Young Investigators Network

The Exposome-NL Young Investigators Network is a collective that enables young exposome investigators to exchange ideas and play an active role in exposome research. The network is represented by the Young Investigators Committee.

The Young Investigators Committee
The Young Investigators Committee (YIC) consists of six young investigators that represent the Young Investigators Network. The YIC promotes collaboration, exchange of knowledge and provides a voice for young exposome researchers. They are also responsible for a series of online lectures on cutting-edge exposome research.

See below for an overview of the current committee members. Click on their pictures for more information about their research and ambitions and don't hesistate to contact them if you have any questions or want to know more.

Decoding the exposome

Decoding the exposome

Exposome-NL is a Dutch consortium of over fifty scientists from different disciplines, universities and medical centres. Together the scientists will systematically sequence the environmental factors influencing our health.

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